Intel Ultrabook plans revealed

Exec outlines plans to dominate world of super thin PCs

Sean Maloney hands over details ahead of Comuptex speech.

Intel says a new range of ultrabook PCs are set to dominate computing in the next few years. The company outlined its plans to claw back market share from key rival ARM at this year's Computex show in Taiwan. These new machines, the first of which is Asus's NX21, will be thinner, cheaper and have epic battery life.

That's according to the chip maker's Executive Vice President Sean Maloney, who says ultrabooks will take over the laptop world in the coming years. In an interview with The Guardian, Maloney said, "If we do it right, the PC ultrabook will be 40% of the notebook market in about 18 months. We did this before in 2008 and we screwed it up: we didn't cut the price. Now, we'll cut the price, thanks to volume and scale."

In 2008, Intel's Ultra Low Voltage chips remained expensive, meaning skinny laptops aimed to challenging the MacBook Air failed to take off. This time though, with the arrival of Asus's new machines and with more to come, Intel reckons things are different.

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