Intel to battle Apple in race to revamp TV with new set-top box?

Chip-maker set to launch a cable TV set-top box at CES, reports claim

Intel may be about to announce at new set-top box, amid reported plans to launch a new kind of pay-TV service, bringing users only the channels they want

While rumours continue to suggest Apple has grand plans to revolutionise the TV industry, new reports suggest that processing giant Intel is looking to sneak in first.

According to TechCrunch, Intel plans to showcase a new set-top box at the CES 2013 expo in Las Vegas next week.

The box would, like existing options from Apple and Google TV, would bring the best of web-connected content, but would also allow users to pick and choose individual TV channels (like sports, movies or documentaries) they wish to subscribe to, rather than buying a bundle from their provider.

The box, TechCrunch sources say, could also allow users to recall and view the last month of programming from the channels they subscribe to, which would negate the need to remember to set the DVR.

The idea sounds fabulous, doesn't it? We'd all like to pay less for only the channels that we actually watch, rather than the 1,000+ never-touched stations we're able to access through our package.

The sticking point comes through finding agreements with unwilling TV networks and providers in order to unbundle these channels. This is something that Apple has reportedly struggled with in its heavily-rumoured pursuit of an Apple iTV set.

Intel, according to the report, wants to get around this by launching city-by-city in the United States, making it easier to strike deals with local providers.

While this may not have immediate ramifications for us in the UK, if Intel succeeds it will give the tried-and-test subscription TV model a much-needed shake-up and aid Apple's quest to strike similar deals.

We could hear much more about these reported plans at CES 2013, which kick-starts this time next week, so keep it locked to

Via: TechCrunch