Intel Light Peak: USB 3.0 killer heading to Apple machines

New connectivity tech set to be unveiled imminently

Intel-made connection tech said to be winging its way to Apple machines first.

Intel’s Light Peak tech is set to take a bow imminently, with Apple the first computer cobbler to benefit from the super-speedy tech that’s set to bring USB 3.0 to its knees.

A ‘source’ has told the guys at CNET that the new technology will be revealed by Apple, under a different name, very soon. Light Peak has long been spoken about as the ultimate way to connect multiple gadgets to PCs, with speeds of up to 10GBps in both directions at the same time.

The tech had been based on fibre optics, but will now use copper instead. Either way, it seems Intel, and now Apple, think this is the tech that could make USB 3.0 obsolete. Sony is also said to be keen on loading its machines with Light Peak too.

With the new MacBook Pro due to drop this week, there’s every chance we could see Intel’s new tech unleashed in the coming days. Let us know what you think of this next-gen marvel on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.