Intel Ivy Bridge processor shipments 'delayed'

Could spell a 'dark period' for notebook producers

Ultrabooks, notebooks and the Windows 8 launch could all potentially suffer from a slow start if Intel is indeed having to delay the Ivy Bridge processor

The Intel Ivy Bridge processor could well be delayed after reports have suggested that Intel is having problems clearing its Sandy Bridge processor inventory.

The report from Digitimes claims that Intel has already spoken to its partners about the changes in their schedule which will see shipments of the Ivy Bridge processor minimised for the first part of 2012.

The report goes on to warn that while this may be benefitial for Intel in giving them the breathing space they need, it could have ramifications for the notebook producers.

"Notebook vendors still believe the PC replacement trend is unlikely to start until after September, when Microsoft launches Windows 8, and the first three quarters of 2012 will still be a dark period for the notebook industry."

While the impact will be fairly minimal for consumers what it does mean is a potential delay in certain key products that will rely on Ivy Bridge processors such as the possible upcoming 2012 Macbook range.

Source: Digitimes