Intel: Android and MeeGo tablets to dominate Computex

At least 10 new Intel tabs set for the Taiwan show

Is MeeGo about to make an impact with Intel backing?

Intel has remained fairly quiet during the tablet boom. Most tablets have been turning to Nvidia chips and ARM processors, since they’re better set up for mobile devices than Intel’s PC-based architecture. That may be about to change, though, as the company has hinted that a raft of new devices will be on show at the Computex show later this month.

The expo, which takes place in Taiwan, is set to be littered with tablets concealing Intel innards, among which, according to Intel chief Paul Otellini, will be a number of Android and even MeeGo devices.

Looking further into the year, Otellini has suggested that there’ll be over 35 Intel-powered tablets landing this year, suggesting a resurgence form the company’s mobile division.

The mention of MeeGo is interesting. With Android Honeycomb hotting up, can the new platform – devised by Intel and Nokia – hold its own? We’ve barely seen any of it in action, so the jury’s out. Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter feed.