Instagram has 90m users a month despite revolt

90 million hipsters can't be wrong

Instagram has released its usage statistics, showing that 90 million people use the photo filter app each month; despite accusations of a user revolt

Photo sharing app Instagram has 90 million users each month, according to figures released by the company.

Instagram’s announcement comes after weeks of speculation that the app’s numbers have been dwindling due to a recent change to their Terms of Service.

Allowing users to take retro-looking photographs by using filters, the app then gives users the ability to share them on Twitter and Facebook. The app has grown massively since its launch in October 2010, leading to Instagrambeing bought out by Facebook in a deal rumoured to be worth around $1bn.

The new terms were widely misunderstood, with users believing they were giving the Facebook-owned app the permission to use user photographs in advertising. The misunderstanding led to talks of a ‘user revolt.’

However it seems that any press is good press for the company, as the figures reveal a 10% increase in users each month.

The company claim that over 40 million photographs are taken using Instagram per day, with 1000 photo comments every second.