In-car Wi-Fi still three years away from widespread introduction

Exclusive: Legal issues to hold up the introduction of in-car internet connectivity

The Head of Product Market at Vauxhall, Stuart Harris, has told T3 in an exclusive interview in-car Wi-Fi connectivity is still three years from widespread introduction as legal issues hold up the technology

Cars with dedicated in-built Wi-Fi are still three years away from widespread production despite the technologies already existing, an industry expert has told T3.

Speaking exclusively with T3 Stuart Harris, Head of Product Marketing at Vauxhall, has suggested legal issues not technical capabilities are set to hold up the introduction of truly internet connected cars from British roads.

“I think we’re at least three years away from seeing dedicated internet in cars on a wide basis,” Harris said. “Whilst every manufacturer is looking at it, there are a few legal issues haven’t been fully realised yet.”

He added: You will see load of concept cars in the coming years with this technology so you know that everyone has got it but you probably won’t see us rushing to bring it to a production car just yet.”

Expanded on the mooted legal issues that are expected to hinder the introduction of in-car Wi-Fi Harris said: “Whilst driving you will be able to have access to the likes of Google and Facebook which might not be the best idea.

“When you think of the legal issues involved with simply answering a mobile phone or operating a sat nav whilst driving, you can see there will be issues around accessing the internet and these are currently being discussed by the health and safety executives of the world.”

Would in-car Wi-Fi enhance the driving experience for you and your passengers or simply act as an unavoidable distraction to focussing on the road? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.