In-car Tech: Inductive charging to boost phone batteries

Exclusive: Inductive charging panels to feature in cars with two years to charge smartphones

Production cars of the future are to host induction charging panels allowing drives to charge their vehicles without wires whilst on the move, Vauxhall's head of product marketing has told T3

In-car tech is set to take a big step forward in the coming years with induction charging units for smartphones set to appear in the centre consoles of many road faring vehicles within a matter of years, industry experts have revealed.

Speaking exclusively with T3, Stuart Harris, Head of Product Marketing at Vauxhall has suggested induction charging panels allowing users to charge their handsets, PMPs or tablets simply by resting the devices on the dedicated section of the centre console will be introduced to production road cars within “two to three years.”

“In the next two to three years you’ll be looking at inductive charging for phones and other electrical devices such as iPods and other generic MP3 players,” Harris said. “You will no longer have to plug your phone in; you will just leave it in the inductive charging area.”

Whilst current smartphones require special cases to work with inductive charging units it has long been speculated that handset manufacturers will incorporate the technology within devices in the near future allowing pocket blowers to work with a selection of smart surfaces and be charged more easily both at home and on the move.

Would inductive charging be a benefit to your driving and smartphone experience or just another unnecessary add-on sure to bump up the price? Let us know via the comments box below.