In car tech detracting from driving says F1 Team Principle

Exclusive: Christian Horner exclusively tells technology is killing the art of driving

Christian Horner, head of Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing has told T3 in an exclusive interview that he believes the ever growing list of in-car tech is killing the art of driving as we become reliant on technological assists

Increased technology in road faring cars is spoiling the act of driving, Team Principle of Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing Christian Horner has told T3.

Speaking in an exclusive interview the Red Bull Racing boss said that despite his love of technology and innovative design modern vehicles are taking the skill and joy of driving away from those behind the wheel.

“I think it’s important to have the correct balance of technology in production cars,” said Horner. “Technology can make that car so much safer and more efficient to drive. I enjoy technology, I enjoy innovation and it’s great to see young engineers with the enthusiasm and innovation they are capable of delivering.”

He added: “It’s all about finding the right balance so the technologies don’t drive the car for you. I’m a little bit old school in that I want to feel in control of the car rather than have the car in control of me.”

Whilst Horner believes certain technologies such as cruise control are taking away from the driving experience, the F1 head says the inclusion of fuel-efficient technologies are a benefit being pioneered by the fast-paced sport. “F1 is the pinnacle of technology and I think the battery development, the hybrid development that’s going on in F1 at the moment can only benefit the automotive sector.”

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