iMovies app available for iPhone 4

Apple aim to lead the way in video multimedia

Apple create the iMovies app for editing videos on the iPhone

Apple have launched the iMovies app for the iPhone 4. In the past, Apple have been left behind in video multimedia by other companies and they will be hoping that with the addition of this new software for the iPhone 4, that they will be able to lead the market.

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iMovies lets you edit on your iPhone, before exporting to your computer. In addition, you don't have to finish one video before starting on another; Apple may not have mastered multi-tasking on the iPhone 4, but they got it right on here. It also helps with putting projects onto Youtube, straight from the iPhone, and share them with friends, family, and anyone else who cares via MMS.

iMovies has been developed following the addition of a 720p HD video camera to the iPhone 4, and as no editing software is supplied, the $4.99 (£3.35) seems to be a reasonable price. Apple have also added video recording facilities to the iPod Nano and iPhone 3GS, although it would appear that iMovies will only be available for the iPhone 4.

iMovies promises to be a fun, useful and entertaining app, which is easy to use. For a price of only £3.35, it would appear to be very good value, and let's hope it can build on the success of the full Mac version.