iMovie app unofficially appears on iPhone 3GS

Hack brings video editing to previous iPhone handsets

Can the 3GS 3-meg snapper make the most of iMovie?

The recently released iMovie app might be exclusive to the iPhone 4 but that hasn’t stopped a number of hardened Apple fans fiddling with their 3GS and 3G handsets to get the video editing software to work.

Joining iMovie on the handset crossover is the iWork app which has been chased from its exclusive home on the iPad to a range of iPhone handsets running the latest operating system update, iOS 4.

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A video, which shows iMovie running on the iPhone 3GS (below) appeared on the Redmondpie website claiming the new app was running 'almost perfectly'. Although it is claimed that the iMovie app has also been installed on an iPhone 3G, it is said that the new software causes the handset to crash.

Although these hacks show that the movie editor doesn’t necessarily require the higher RAM and sprightlier processor found in the iPhone 4 to work, we can’t help but wonder it the effort was really worth the somewhat drained 3-meg standard-quality video of the earlier iPhone.

Stay tuned to in the coming days for our full video review of the iMovie app on the Apple iPhone 4.

Link: Gaj-it