iCloud free for Mac OS X Lion users?

Is cloud service going to be offered gratis?

Certain parts of iCloud expected to be free at launch, music streaming not included.

Apple is looking to offer its new iCloud service for free to those who upgrade to its next gen OS X Lion software, or buy a new Mac with the operating system baked in. That's according to, "...people familiar with Apple's plans," who have dished the dirt to AppleInsider.

Word is that those who decide to stick with Snow Leopard, and Windows 7 users, will have to pay for the cloud storage solution. But Apple reckons that free access to iCloud will help it shift millions of copies of its new-look OS. Apparently it will be cheap in order to get more people to upgrade.

While this freebie is welcome, the insiders say that it will only apply to certain aspects of iCloud. That means the music streaming section is unlikely to be free, unsurprising seeing as the record labels will want their slice of the pie.

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