Ice Cream Sandwich to be name of new Android OS

Google employee lets new OS name slip

Tasty new OS to bring tablet features to Android phones?

A Google software engineer appears to have unveiled that the name of the next Android operating system will be Ice Cream Sandwich.

Romain Guy, the engineer in question gave the game away when responding to a Google Code issue for Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Android project hub. Guy posted that, 'a bug fix will be provided in Ice Cream Sandwich.'

Continuing its dessert-based naming convention, Eric Schmidt had previously mentioned that the next update would start with the letter 'i' and Romain's revelation seems to confirm it.

There's no confirmation of whether this will be known as Android 3.1, or whether this will just be an update aimed at Android tablets. There is also every possiblity that Google could be planning to move over some of the functionality of 3.0 to smartphones.

So with 'i' now seemingly covered off by Google we anticipate a huge jelly outside Google HQ for the update to follow.

Link: Phandroid