IBM's 120 petabyte data drive on the way

World's largest data storage drive in construction

Eric Schmidt of Google recently claimed that each day, as a planet, we create 5 exabytes of data. IBM is on the case, only 5000 petabytes to go then

IBM is currently in the process of building the world's largest data storage drive of 120 petabytes, to put this into perspective that's 120 million gigabytes, an iPhone 4 has 16GB.

This mammoth task will be accomplished by putting together around 200,000 seperate disk drives, placed in a conventional horizontal pattern but with more spacing, allowing for more hard drives. To deal with all this data they've built an entirely new system which deals with how the information is collected and used. By sharing the information out over different drives the system is able to work on difference sections of the file at the same time, vastly improving speeds.

The system is being produced for an unnamed client who apparently wishes to use it for 'simulation purposes'. At 120 petabytes this drive will be able to hold 60 copies of the largest backup yet made of the internet. Yes, that's right, 60 copies of the internet.

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Source: Engadget