I Am Alive: New game trailer released

Console survive-em-up gets teased in new video

I Am Alive is finally making its way to consoles this Christmas, with gameplay shown off in a new trailer

I Am Alive has been skulking about on the gaming horizon since it was announced way back in July 2008. But finally, after switching developers and then being announced as download-only, the post-apolacyptic survive-a-thon seems to be edging closer to release. Our evidence for this? A brand spanking new trailer showing off some more ingame footage and promising a release in the next few of weeks.

Set in the fictional US city of Haventon after a massive earthquake, players' biggest challenges to their survival look to be environmental, with the main character warning in the trailer that the dust left over from the metropolis' collapse will kill them quickly without a gas mask. The trailer also shows off a distinctly Assassin's Creed-y climbing system that's key to escaping the the dust cloud on the streets, and a bartering system that allows players to swap items they don't need for stuff they do, or to give away as acts of kindness to other struggling survivors.

I Am Alive is out (finally) "this winter" according to the trailer. Check it out below for a sneak peek at what's in store.