Huawei own-brand phones coming to Phones 4U

Phones 4U to have exclusive sales of Huawei Vision?

Phones 4U calls Huawei deal a "massive opportunity."

Chinese white label phone producers Huawei announced last week that it would be launching its own-brand line of mobiles and tablets across the world, including the UK. Now, Phones 4U have confirmed that it will stock the first two handsets from the company, the Blaze and the Vision.

The deal between Huawei and Phones4U will give the retailer a period of exclusivity with the Blaze, while Phones4U is currently the only company signed on to sell the Vision at all.

Phones 4U trading director Scott Hooton called the partnership a "massive opportunity", saying that it will add "more innovation and choice for [Phones 4U] customers", especially the youth market, at which the cheaper Huawei phones are aimed.

Phones 4U will stock both the Blaze and the Vision sometime before the end of the year (we've heard September), although no specific release dates or pricing have been announced.