HTC Windows Phone Mango devices landing 1 September?

Microsoft handset plans due next week

At least two phones packing latest Microsoft mobile OS expected.

HTC will use its planned event in London next week to show off its latest Windows Phone handsets. That’s according to BGR, which says it’s got confirmation about what to expect from an inside source.

Word is two new blowers, each packing the latest Windows Phone Mango software, will be revealed on 1 September. One, the HTC Eternity, will have a 3.7-inch screen, while the more capacious Omega will tout a 4.5-inch panel.

The news means HTC will be the second manufacturer to unleash devices using Mango. Fujitsu has already released the world’s first Windows Phone Mango handset in Japan. The pressure will now be on Nokia to get its Windows Phones on shelves as soon as possible.

We’ll be at next week’s HTC bash, so stay tuned to for all the news, pics and analysis as it happens.

Windows Phone Mango video


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