HTC Vigor sighted, sexy rubber body revealed

Red camera trim and contoured casing shots leak out

New Beats by Dr. Dre HTC phone inbound?

We're hearing good things about the HTC Vigor: it's coming with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch HD display and an 8MP camera, while also reportedly being the first of the HTC stable to pack Beats by Dr. Dre audio technology. And now we can add a funky, HTC Desire-style body to its alluring checklist of features (top right).

We saw a dodgy mock-up of the HTC Vigor on a dutch mobile website earlier this month, but the shots that are now bouncing around the interweb are purportedly the real deal. There's not a lot of branding on the model in the picture (i.e. no Beats by Dr. Dre logo, and no carrier logo for our US readers), but the shots do show off that contoured rubber casing and sexy red camera trim.

The Vigor's specs would comfortably knock the HTC Sensation or Evo 3D off the top of the HTC pile, but without the branding on the handset we reckon this is a pre-production model, rather than the finished product. We haven't heard anything on when we can expect to see the Vigor on the shelves (or if 'Vigor' will bear even a passing resemblence to the phone's real-world name), so for the moment, this is still the purview of T3's department of rumour and speculation. More when we hear it.

Link: DroidLife