O2 to sell new HTC smartphone without a charger

Firm claims 100m unused chargers in the UK

O2 will sell a new HTC smartphone that will come without a charger, as part of a new scheme designed to get consumers to start using their old wires

The device will, instead, comprise of a charging slot that's compatible with most smartphone chargers and will be available solely from O2, who claims over 100m unused chargers in the UK.

An O2 statement reads: "The 100 [million] unused chargers we estimate the UK owns have already had a huge environmental cost: the weight of 1,000 London buses worth of components, enough copper and plastic to wrap The O2 200,000 times."

The network operator also claims another interesting stat: Of the 30m new phones sold in the UK, 70 per cent of their buyers are in possession of a compatible charger.

Now we know what you're thinking; this is a scheme designed to save both companies money (after all, chargers can be expensive, and it will also give O2 the opportunity to sell the chargers to buyers separately), but according to the firm, it's all about "helping the environment."