HTC to bring out two new Windows 8 handsets in September?

Could this be the new HTC 8X?

HTC could be getting ready to embrace Windows Phone 8 with rumours circulating that the Taiwanese manufacturer is preparing two new handsets

Various publications have received a cryptic invite to a September 19 event hosted by HTC with a promise "to see what's next."

The invite ties in with pre-existing rumours that HTC would make a Windows 8 announcement in mid-September. The focus is likely to be the HTC X8 (previously known as the HTC Accord) which would be HTC's debut Windows Phone 8 device.

Although known primarily as an Android developer, HTC has on occasion developed memorable (but short-lived) Windows handsets.

The HTC Titan and HTC Radar were two such examples - both decent handsets running Windows Phone 7.

According to Pocket-Lint a second device, the HTC 8S could also be on the cards. This follows the naming conventions of the HTC One X Android series and could be a lower-specced handset available at a lesser price.

There's naught but wild speculation on the internals of the new handsets, but we'd expect a similar set up to the HTC One X series.

That would mean a 4.7-inch screen for the 8X and a 4.3-inch display for the 8S.

There's also a high chance we'll see Beats Audio integrated into the handsets - something HTC has started loading into all its premium devices.

All told, it's boom time for Windows 8 handsets after Samsung announced the ATIV S handset at IFA this year, while Nokia is expected to show off its wares at Nokia World currently happening in New York.

via: Pocket-Lint