HTC Sense 3.5 video revealed on HTC Bliss?

Possible footage of new UI and handset

A video has surfaced showing what is reported to be not only the HTC Bliss but also HTC's Sense 3.5, the latest incarnation of the company's UI for Android

Tech gadget website Engadget has managed to get hold of a video showing off what could be HTC Sense 3.5 on the much anticipated HTC Bliss.

The video, which follows all the rules for blurry, badly contrasted tech videos, shows off the 'new' UI on what appears to be the HTC Bliss. Running over Android 2.3.4 the new UI shows off only some minor changes, with larger widgets, smoother graphics and general cosmetic improvements being the order of the day. The volume slider has now become touch-enabled, allowing you to slide the volume at any point with your finger as well as with the rocker on the side.

Alongside that you'll probably find yourself getting more involved in looking at the HTC Bliss, as the minimalist changes, combined with the handset look to be a sleek paring. With this not yet confirmed however there is a slim possibility that this isn't legit, but taking everything into account there's no reason why not.

HTC Sense 3.5 UI Video: Click here

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Source: Engadget