HTC Schubert: unibody Windows Phone 7 effort spied (with video)

New pics and video of aluminium-framed device

Legend-like mobile set to land as soon as Windows Phone 7 gets green light.

HTC Schubert is the latest Windows Phone 7 cell to leak out across the web. And aside from that frankly ludicrous moniker, it looks like it’s got the design chops to be kicking it with the big boys the minute the Big M releases its all-new mobile OS.

See, the Schubert rocks the same aluminium unibody design seen on the stunning HTC Legend. It even has a similar cut out round the back so it can handle HSDPA with aplomb.

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Other than the smart looks and the OS inside, little else is known about this all-new handset. Word to the wise is that it’ll be landing when Windows Phone 7 gets official. That means October if previous rumours are on the money.

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Via Engadget