HTC Mozart spotted again

Windows Phone 7 blower seen in new spy shots

Mozart, also known as Mondrian, gets snapped in the wild for your viewing pleasure.

With just a couple of months to go until lift off, Windows Phone 7 is really starting to get gadget fans the world over het up. And new spy shots of the WP7-packing HTC Mozart are only going to cause more excitement.

The shots not only show the grey/black design seen on HTC-built Nexus One and the ace Desire, but also a pair of Windows logos. You can also take the back apart in stages, rather than sliding off a single battery cover.

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Interestingly, the Mozart seems to rock the same design as the recently leaked HTC Schubert, suggesting the phones may actually be one and the same when they finally hit shelves, possibly in October.

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Via Pocketnow