HTC Legend and Dell Streak get Android 2.2 update

FroYo rolled out over the next few weeks

Vodafone and Dell bring things up to speed

There’s nothing worse than signing a fat, two year contract for a phone and then watching it get neglected by either the network or the manufacturer when newer devices land. Thankfully for Dell Streak and HTC Legend owners, that pain will soon be over, as Android 2.2 will be coming to the devices imminently.

The Dell Streak, which launched sporting the now archaic Android 1.6, will be getting the update courtesy of Dell, following a string of customer complaints that the oversized device was out of touch. Dell will be rolling out the OTA update over the next few weeks.

That’s the same time frame that Vodafone has proffered for the HTC Legend’s 2.2 update. The diminutive handset has been somewhat overshadowed since launch by its bigger brother the HTC Desire, but Voda has promised that the FroYo update will begin today.

What will FroYo mean to your handset?
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