HTC HD7: pics and specs leaked

Shots of all new Windows Phone 7 effort outed online

Giant mobile gets detailed by HTC-hungry gossip hounds.

Gagging for more news on Windows Phone 7? Good, because the HTC HD7 has gone from being imagined in a string of drawings to being the subject of a comprehensive online leak, with new pics and specs making their way into the wild.

The Microsoft-backed mobile rocks a 4.3 inch panel, with WVGA resolution. Under the hood you’ll find the HTC Hub sitting alongside Windows Phone 7, as well as 8GB of storage and a 5 megapixel peeper, backed up by a dual LED flash.

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A string of other leaked images suggest the HD7 could land as the HD3, but with no official line from the Taiwanese mobile maker, we’ll have to wait to find out what the final name of this mobile monster really is.

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Via Engadget