HTC HD3 becomes HD7 and gets Oct release date?

Phone gets Windows Phone 7 influenced name change

As leaks go this is a fairly standard one; leaked spreadsheet from a network over incoming products. The phone itself however is far more interesting.

A tech website has managed to get hold of a leaked spreadsheet from network carrier O2 which has pointed towards the incoming release of an HTC HD7. This is the name for what was originally called the HD3, but due to the operating system it'll be carrying this seems more appropriate.

Running Windows Phone 7, the HD7 has presumably jumped the numbers from the previous HD2 to keep it in line with the new mobile operating system. Specs on the device are numerous yet unconfirmed at the moment but with HTC making a supposed product launch in the next few weeks it's a fairly good guess that this will be it.

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The main problem with this kind of information is that it is easily forgeable and so one has to keep a certain amount of skepticism until either a release or something more solid appears. For the moment however, this is the best bet we have as to the mystery device and it's inpending arrival.

Link: Engadget