HTC Flyer tablet demo'd in new hands-on video

Six minute vid walks potential users through new tablet

New video showcases the mysterious HTC Flyer tablet.

UPDATE: W've added our own hands-on with the HTC Flyer below.

It's fair to say Android tablets have had a bit of a shaky start toppling the iPad, but if you are in the market for a tablet and have staved off picking up an iPad 2, HTC has a video it wants to show you.

HTC Flyer video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Since its announcement at MWC, the HTC Flyer has been equal parts intriguing and mysterious. The model we saw at MWC in Barcelona wasn't a working example of the tablet, just a model of what the finished tablet would eventually look like, so while we were getting our fingerprints all over everything from the Motorola Xoom to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the only thing we weren't getting properly stuck into was the Flyer.

However, if the video released today by HTC is anything to go by, the makers of the T3 Phone of the Year 2010 (the HTC Desire, since you ask) might be onto a winner. We're being promised the full Sense UI experience, virtual surround sound delivered from two speakers, and, of course, that old-school stylus (sorry, "HTC Scribe Technology").

The video neglects to furnish us with a release date or an official price (although is claiming May 27th and a princely £629.99), but with HTC's back catalogue of Apple-beating smartphones, we reckon this could be a real contender for the tablet crown. Check out the video before to see what we mean.