HTC Evo 3D will land on Vodafone

Mobile maker says phone will land on network, despite reports

Taiwanese tech giant doesn't confirm UK release, however.

Last week’s news that Vodafone was set to ditch plans to release the forthcoming HTC Evo 3D were met with incredulity. But now it seems the Taiwanese mobile maker will be partnering with the network to sell its 3D-centric smartphone.

In a statement, HTC said Vodafone would be releasing the next-gen handset in “six major European countries”. However, it did not specifically mention a UK release. Seeing as Blighty is one of the most important smartphone markets going, surely Vodafone wouldn’t choose to release it on the continent but not here?

The Evo 3D has garnered plenty of attention since its announcement. Its 3D screen will be capable of screening three dimensional flicks via HTC Watch, as well as packing in the latest versions of Android and HTC Sense.

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Via Focus Taiwan