HTC EVO 3D release date to see Vodafone stock handset

Vodafone confirm it is to stock the HTC EVO 3D

Vodafone has announced it will stock the HTC EVO 3D in the UK when teh 3D capable smartphone launches next month

Mobile network provider Vodafone has confirmed it is to offer the 3D capable HTC EVO 3D to UK consumers when the device lands next month.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement from HTC that the HTC EVO 3D will be rolled out across European markets including the UK in July, Vodafone has announced it will stock the 3D handset with eager consumers able to register their interest in the device via the Vodafone online store now.

Yet to reveal the precise date the EVO 3D will be available in the UK and at what price, a spokesperson for the red-hued network provider told T3: “I’m afraid I don’t have any further details just at the moment.”

Sporting a 4.3-inch qHD stereoscopic display the HTC EVO 3D allows users to enjoy glasses-free 3D content on the move whilst 3D content production is handled by the dual 5-megapixel cameras on the handset’s rear capable of producing 720p HD video content.

Much like the Nintendo 3DS, the HTC EVO 3D allows users to seamlessly switch between 3D and 2D modes. For a more in-depth look at the HTC EVO 3D check out our hands-on video review from yesterday’s HTC unveiling.

Will 3D phones become the next big thing or are they a mere gimmick set to pass by with little fanfare? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

HTC Evo 3D video

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