HTC Desire S hits Three

Network reveals plans for Android Gingerbread blower

Nab top-end new phone for free on a £35 a month deal.

The HTC Desire S has officially hit Three, with the network revealing a string of plans for the Android Gingerbread-packing blower, first revealed back in February at Mobile World Congress.


HTC Desire S video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

You can pick up the phone for free on a £35 a month contract, which includes all you can eat data, 2,000 any time minutes and 5,000 texts. Text plans start at £30 a month, with 5,000 messages and 1GB of web access.

Pay as you go fans will need to find £359.99 to get the phone off contract, not as hefty as it sounds considering the HD video smarts, 3.7-inch Super LCD, 5MP camera and Google’s latest mobile software.

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