HTC Desire HD to debut in September?

Desire HD or Vision expected to launch at event

Image 1 of 2 HTC invitation enhanced
HTC Invitation enchanced
Image 2 of 2 HTC invitation
HTC invitation

Mystery London launch for HTC Desire HD?

A red-hot event announced by HTC today has rumours flying that the HTC Desire HD will be released on September 15th. HTC sent an invitation saying ‘Come see what HTC has dreamt up 15 September in London’. It follows a series of leaked images of the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Schubert/Mozart Windows 7 phone.

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The other possible announcement could be the launch of the HTC Vision, potentially touted at the G1 Blaze as a follow up to the first ever Android phone, the G1.

However, an enhanced image of the invitation (by Engadget) has revealed the faint back outline of the Desire HD amongst the smoke, and as the tipped launch for the phone is approximated towards the end of September, this would appear to be HTC’s major announcement. By contrast, the reported Windows 7 handset they are expected to bring out is due sometime in October.