HTC Desire HD on Vodafone: Delayed to some customers?

Many receive dreaded stock-shortage emails

Are you lucky enough to have received one yet?

Reports from multiple sources around the web today suggest that the availability of the HTC Desire HD – which we reported as being snapped up by Vodafone – are all on the wonk. Whilst some customers on the Vodafone forum and other tech sites have seemingly had their HDs arrive, others are being told that they might be facing a two week wait.

Twitter reveals a few UK users to be already revelling in the 4.3-inch HD glory of HTC’s new smartphone, but other corners of the web tell other stories. Tech Watch is reporting that some of its users have received emails informing of a one or two week wait – with Amazon shifting its expected availability date to November 15th.

There’s no official word from Vodafone as yet, but we’d like to know what your experience has been.

Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed if you’ve already got your HTC Desire HD, or if you’re one of those now looking at an agonising wait…