HTC Desire HD first impressions

Close-up of HTCs latest superphone.

Image 1 of 15 desire hd 610 home screen
HTC Desire HD Home Screen Interface
Image 2 of 15 HTC Desire HD back2 610
HTC Desire HD rear view
Image 3 of 15 desire hd 610 favourites page
HTC Desire HD favourites window
Image 4 of 15 HTC Desire HD side 610
HTC Desire HD Volume Control
Image 5 of 15 desire hd 610 freinds stream
HTC Desire HD Friends-Stream App
Image 6 of 15 desire hd 610 sim
HTC Desire HD Sim Tray
Image 7 of 15 desire hd 610 keyboard close up
HTC Desire HD Keyboard Close Up
Image 8 of 15 desire hd 610 browser jpg
HTC Desire HD web browser
Image 9 of 15 desire hd 610 main menu
HTC Desire HD Main Menu Interface
Image 10 of 15 desire hd 610 weather
HTC Desire HD Weather App
Image 11 of 15 desire hd 610 sim2
HTC Desire HD Sim Card Close Up
Image 12 of 15 desire hd 610 keyboard1
HTC Desire HD Keyboard
Image 13 of 15 desire hd 610 buttons jpg
HTC Desire HD Interactive Buttons Close Up
Image 14 of 15 HTC Desire HD FRONT 610
HTC Desire HD front view
Image 15 of 15 desire hd 610 sms
HTC Desire HD SMS screen

Hands-on pictures of HTC's latest handset: HTC Desire HD

26.10.10 Update: We've now had quality time with the HTC Desire HD. Read our full review.

The waiting is almost over. A couple of days ago we received our sample of the mouthwatering HTC Desire HD. Now that we have had a proper chance to play around with the device and its features, we have been thoroughly impressed.

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In the next few days we'll be able to bring your our full review of the HTC Desire HD. In the meantime feast your eyes on these hand-crafted HTC Desire HD pictures...

Are you planning to upgrade to the HTC Desire HD - or maybe it's qwerty-touting brother, the HTC Desire Z? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.