HTC ChaCha coming soon on Vodafone

Latest HTC Facebook phone coming soon to Vodafone customers

HTC's new Facebook phone landing on Vodafone "very soon".

We first caught a glimpse of the HTC ChaCha back at MWC in February, where it almost snuck past us in a crowd of HTC devices that included the HTC Incredible S, the HTC Desire S, the HTC Salsa and the HTC Flyer tablet. With most of those now released into the wild, Vodafone have piped up to announce that they'll be releasing the ChaCha "soon - very soon".

Posting on the company's Facebook page, the bods at Vodafone assure us that "If you love Facebook, you'll love the HTC ChaCha! Coming soon to Vodafone - really soon - the HTC ChaCha lets you share loads of things to Facebook at the push [of] a button. With new price plans, including free BT Openzone WiFi, there are plenty of chances to play, too!"

Packing a 2.6-inch touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard and a 5MP camera, the ChaCha is looking like a solid budget choice for those unwilling to shell out for the pricier HTC Incredible S or HTC Sensation (of which we're big fans - take a look at the video review below).

There's no details from Vodafone on how much they'll be asking for the handset, but the ChaCha is already available at Phones4u, priced at £249.99 SIM-free or around £25 a month on various standard contracts.

The official Vodafone website lists the ChaCha as coming soon. You can keep up to date with their HTC ChaCha page here.

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Source: T3 Tech videos