HTC Bliss Android phone spied

Female-focused Android phone pictured

No specs, but plenty of gossip surrounding gimmicky Android blower.

HTC’s roster of Android phones looks all set to expand, with a new female-focused Android handset, called the HTC Bliss, leaking across the web. This is the first pic of the device, which as you can see comes with its own cradle.

The image, snagged by Pocketnow, backs up plenty of chatter surrounding the device. Word is it’ll have a special notification charm attached to the device so users know when they’ve got an email, text or calendar reminder. The idea is that it’ll make it easier to pull the phone from a bag.

The Bliss is apparently being lined up for the Verizon network in the US. Whether it’ll catch on when most gadget makers have realised that female-focused products are largely redundant and in most cases downright offensive remains to be seen.

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