HTC better than Apple say T3 readers

Poll results: HTC beats Apple and Samsung

We asked you who makes the best smartphone's and you responded loud and clear, while it was a close call, HTC has come out top trumps

Every week we bring you a question relating to the months top tech topics and ask you, the readers, to let us know what you think. This week saw one of the big questions being asked: Who makes the best smartphones. You've voted, and at the time of writing it is HTC that has been crowned victorious, beating off Apple and the iPhone 4 and Samsung and the Galaxy S 2.

Taking 30 per cent or 441 votes HTC has managed to win the majority over its rivals, no doubt with their HTC Sensation, HTC Desire HD and the upcoming HTC EVO 3D all taking some responsibility for winning your votes. Apple came a close second with 28 per cent while Samsung was relegated to third place taking just 21 per cent.

Despite the upcoming release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the new BlackBerry Torch RIM was only able to grab just seven per cent of the votes being beaten to the post by Sony Ericsson.

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