HTC attempts to quell Android update anger

Publishes infographic revealing why it takes so long to release the update to its phones

HTC has created an infographic that is intended to shine a light on why it takes so long for Android updates to hit its phones.

The smartphone maker has launched a website that details the process.

The number one complaint about Android is how long it takes for updates to hit phones from the point they are announced by Google. At T3 towers, it seems that for the first three weeks after a new Android update comes out, all we write about is when individual phones will – or as is sometimes the case, won’t – get the update.

The company has said that it wants to be as transparent as possible when it comes to why it takes so long for Android updates to be released. In its defence, HTC is one of the fastest to roll out major updates to its customers’ smartphones.

An infographic on the website – called the Anatomy of an Android OS Update – shows the various steps that HTC and other Android phone makers have to go through.

It breaks down what it calls “the steps of preparation”. It also reveals that the number one complaint that developers have – that Android devices are too fragmented – is also a huge problem for phone makers.

HTC's infographic reveals the five stages – evaluation, development, integration, certification and push to consumers – in some detail.

Does this make you feel better about how long you have to wait for the latest version of Android? Or do you still feel a jealous rage inside you when you see your iPhone owning friends get the latest update to iOS in one go?

Via: Pocket-Lint