HP webOS touchscreen-only phone spied

Blurry shot shows HP's keyboard-free effort

No final specs or details, but is this the webOS phone we've been waiting for?

HP’s Pre 3 caused a ripple of excitement when it was first touted back in February. But essentially it looked the same as the old school Palm Pre, with a slide-out keyboard and touchscreen up top.

But a new spy shot, seen here and snagged by the chaps at PreCentral, shows HP is working a keyboard-free webOS phone. It would certainly make sense, seeing as the operating system is finger-friendly and the Pre 3’s keyboard can feel awkward and cramped.

Sadly, there’s no news on what exactly this new webOS phone has going on under the hood. PreCentral reckons the screen will be 480x800, but other than that, details remain sketchy.

The Pre 3 isn’t due out until summer, so chances are that this unannounced cell won’t be making its way to shelves for some time. Is it worth holding out for? Tell us what you think now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.