HP webOS sale will be in millions not billions?

Analysts claim HP advised to sell off OS to recoup any losses

After initially planning to sell off both webOS and its PC arm it looks like HP may have to sell webOS to recoup its losses from the TouchPad

News service Reuters is reporting that HP is being advised to sell of its webOS division if it ever wants to make back any of the money it lost by building the HP TouchPad and its other tablet devices.

It would appear the advice is coming from the Bank of America's Merrill Lynch who believes that after the company spent a staggering $1.2billion on Palm the only way it can hope to get its money back is by selling webOS. Interestingly though it's believed the company will have to sell webOS for hundreds of millions instead of being anywhere near the billion it spent on the OS in the first place.

Interested buyers are believed to be RIM, Intel, IBM and even as an outside shot, Amazon. The OS was famed for its quirky charm and unconventional efficiency and has been critically acclaimed by many however it is some of the patents behind the operating system that will really attract buyers.

HP TouchPad Features

The last of the webOS devices the HP TouchPad may have been bulky and plastic in its design but because it ran webOS 3.0 it won a lot of fans, not least because of the firesale which HP decided to have when it dropped the HP TouchPad price to just £89. It's no slouch either running a 1.2GHz processor along with 1GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of storage. Keeping it well in line as an Apple iPad 2 competitor the TouchPad had the same screen resolution as the Apple device but also had Gorilla Glass.

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Source: Tech Radar