HP Veer: pint-sized webOS phone outed

New small-time smartie crams in killer skills

Xperia X10 Mini-rival takes small smartphones to the next level.

HP has played a blinder with its all new webOS-packing Veer smartphone. While the trend towards small-time smartphones generally means sacrificing specs and skills for size, this new effort looks like it could finally be the phone to stop us buying big.

Rocking a tiny 2.57-inch screen and measuring just 54.5x84x15.1mm, the Veer comes with a slide-out keyboard down the bottom, just like its Pre predecessors. It packs the same webOS 2.2 as the new Pre 3, as well as Flash 10.1, GPS, Wi-Fi and a snappy 800MHz Qualcomm chip.

All texts, IMs and picture messages from one contact are combined into a single view. HP Synergy will also deliver Yahoo mail, Exchange, Facebook and LinkedIn messages after just one sign in. The Veer also works as a mobile hotspot, while initial reports suggest multitasking works like a dream on the small-time device.

8GB of storage, n standard Wi-Fi, a 5MP camera and Bluetooth 2.1 complete the picture. Again, the only issue with this new HP device is the lack of release date or price, with both being revealed in due course.

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