HP Vantage Point 132-inch multi-touch screen launched

HP's 32 point multi-touch display with super hi-definition

HP have unveiled their latest creation in the form of a colossal 132-inch display designed for business, education or a massive game of Angry Birds

HP this week unveiled their Vantage Point Display, a massive 132-inch display that features six high-definition displays and supports up to 32-point multi-touch making it a multi-media temple.

Powered by a custom-built dual-core processor workstation the HP Vantage Point can offer up to 4k resolution (4098x1536) making it capable of supporting the next-generation of super high-resolution media.

Each display uses Corning Gorilla Glass as well which means that while technologically advanced it's also life-proof with the idea in mind that the Vantage Point becomes the main focal-point for all business meetings.

Featuring AR (Augmented Reality) software as standard the idea is that business or establishments can have the Vantage Point fine-tuned to serve individual needs.

While it is most definitely possible to own one of these, it's sadly only available in the US and the cost may prove somewhat detrimental on our wallets with the Vantage Point coming in at a fairly premium £80,000.

Is this the ultimate computer screen, or would you rather go for a projector? Let us know via the comments box below...