HP Touchpad webOS tablet revealed

HP finally gets official with stunning iPad rival

New slate rocks amazing new features that are bound to have Apple and Android worried.

The HP TouchPad has finally got the official nod, with the computer giant ditching the Palm name completely for the first ever webOS-packing tablet. But although the Palm moniker might be history, webOS’s best features have been coupled with a truly stellar piece of kit.

The TouchPad touts an iPad-matching 9.7-inch, 1024x768 screen, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz processor, which means this thing is lightning quick. It needs to be seeing as it has webOS’s full multitasking smarts, with Cards and Stacks, as well as being a ‘true visualisation of your workspace’. Marketing flimflam aside, it really is designed to be the most worker-friendly tablet ever. Take that BlackBerry.

HP Synergy is on board so you can aggregate emails, social network witterings, instant messages, contacts and calendars, giving you a one stop shop for all your important info.

There’s a virtual keyboard for firing off emails and IMs, as well as a 1.3MP front-facing camera, allowing you to make video calls. Bluetooth, n standard Wi-Fi, GPS, Flash 10.1, Beats Audio and 3G are all on board.

Best of all, HP has loaded up Touchstone charging tech, so you can juice the TouchPad up without plugging it in. Even better, you can use the same touch tech to share web addresses with webOS phones.

Sadly, HP is being very vague on price and release, only saying the TouchPad is coming this summer, with details to be released “at a later date”. Here’s hoping this won’t be a repeat of the original Palm Pre fiasco. Here's our first-look video with the TouchPad at the launch.

Source: T3 best tech videos

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