HP TouchPad sales continue as HP promises more stock

HP confirm more TouchPad stock to hit UK retailers

HP TouchPad sales to be given second wind as HP confirms more stock of the webOS tablet is heading to the UK following a massive price drop that saw the tablets being sold for £90

Following the recent fire sale that saw the UK’s HP TouchPad stocks drop to £90 and subsequently sell out HP has confirmed more stocks of the former iPad rival will be made available to consumers soon.

In the wake of the announcement that HP was to cease production of the TouchPad and all other webOS hardware retailers slashed the price of the 10-inch tablet with the 16GB edition selling for just £90 whilst the 32GB offering lined up at £115.

Speaking via the official HP blog Mark Budgell announced today: “We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on hp.com and at many local retailers.” He added: “We will have more available shortly."

One outlet which saw stocks of the webOS device quickly snapped up was the Dixons Retail Group. Speaking with T3’s sister site Tech Radar Dixon Retail’s head of media relations Mark Webb said: "This is a good product at a great price. Demand has been phenomenal and at times it has been frankly crazy.”

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