HP TouchPad release date pegged for April

New rumour claims webOS tablet is closer than first thought

Well-received slate could be set for release ahead of schedule.

The HP TouchPad was slapped with that vaguest of release dates when it was announced back on 9 February: summer. But now the guys at Digitimes are claiming that HP is priming the world’s first webOS tablet for an April release.


HP TouchPad video

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Word is that HP will get hold of the first shipments as early as March, before unleashing them a month later. That will certainly help the tab compete with the forthcoming Motorola Xoom and string of other imminent Android 3.0-packing efforts.

HP is holding another special event on 14 March, where it’s hoped more news about the HP TouchPad release date will be revealed.

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Via Engadget