HP Touchpad release date edges closer

Tablet hits US FCC, with release still in line for summer

Hype over forthcoming iPad-botherer starts to grow.

HP’s TouchPad has edged closer to release, with the PC maker handing over details of its forthcoming iPad-botherer to the US FCC. That means the slate should be in line for a June release, as had previously been mooted.

The TouchPad gets multiple mentions in the filing, although there’s no official word on when we’ll be able to lay our hands on one. However, passing the FCC’s checks tends to mean gadgets are just weeks away from hitting shelves.

The TouchPad is the first slate to use webOS and promises to be a worthy alternative to the iPad, not to mention the growing army of Android-backed tablets. HP has ye to say when a UK version will be out in the wild.

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