HP TouchPad now set for July

CEO crushes rumours of April release

Boss also says webOS will land on PCs later this year.

The HP TouchPad, the webOS packing iPad 2 rival, will be out in June. That’s the word direct from HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker, crushing rumours that the slate would make an early appearance in April.


HP TouchPad video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

HP initially said the TouchPad would be out in “summer”, but in recent weeks gossip mongers have pointed to an Amazon listing and other tidbits to suggest it would be out as soon as next month.

However, Apotheker, speaking at this year’s HP Summit said, “The TouchPad will come out in June and from that date onwards there will be wave after wave of technology coming out to support the webOS platform.”

He added that a beta version of webOS for PCs, running on a browser, would be out before the end of 2011. He added that this wasn’t designed to replace Windows, but to compliment it. He also said HP was open to developing another Windows slate if they had access to, “…the right version of Windows.”

Via PreCentral