HP Touchpad hits Amazon

Just how much will webOS tablet cost?

Amazon sticks HP's new tab online, but is keeping mum on price.

The HP TouchPad has hit Amazon, with the online retailer sticking up a placeholder for the webOS slate. It’s the Wi-Fi only model, and while the online retailer delivers full specs, it’s less forthcoming on price.


HP Touchpad video

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Sadly, we’re only teased with, “Sign up to be notified when this product becomes available.” While Amazon’s listing suggests that could be soon, HP said at the TouchPad’s launch last month that it would be landing, “…in the summer”.

The TouchPad is the first tablet to use webOS and rocks some seriously impressive specs. There’s an iPad-matching 9.7-inch panel, HP Beats Audio tech and a Bluetooth keyboard thrown in for good measure.

With the iPad 2’s release now imminent, surely HP won’t want to hang around and lose more ground to its key rival. Stay tuned for more news on this as we get it.

Via PreCentral