HP Touchpad: cloud-based music store primed

Video offering also coming to TouchPad

New service detailed in leaked Powerpoint presentation.

HP is working on its own music store for the forthcoming TouchPad, which allow owners to store and access their tunes in the cloud. The new Amazon Cloud Drive rival is also expected to get a video store companion too.


HP TouchPad video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

The news comes from a HP Powerpoint presentation, mailed to those who’d registered in interest in using the TouchPad for business. While video details remain elusive, the music service has been fleshed out in a major way.

As well as offering a place to buy new tracks, the TouchPad’s music app will let you sync and store your library in the cloud. Even better, the music you listened to most will be stashed locally, with the TouchPad working out your favourite tunes and doing the rest for you.

As if that wasn’t enough, punters will be able to stream new music too, presumably from a Spotify-style service. Streaming to smartphones like the Pre and Veer is also promised.

In all, this means that HP is about to unleash a service that has the beating of Amazon Cloud Drive, while getting something to market ahead of Google and Apple. It makes the TouchPad seem like an even more worthwhile iPad alternative.

Via PreCentral