HP TouchPad 4G revealed

Speedier model heading to the States later this summer

No word on when mobile network-friendly TouchPad is heading to UK.

HP has just pulled the wrappers off of a new version of its webOS-packing TouchPad slate. Dubbed the TouchPad 4G, it comes with, you guessed it, 4G network smarts under the hood.

The new model boasts HSPA+ speeds, as well as a faster 1.5GHz processor and 32GB of storage. Current editions of the HP TouchPad only pack in Wi-Fi connectivity, although 3G models have been spied online.

Sadly, there’s no news on when us Brits will get to see a mobile network-friendly HP TouchPad. When it does come, here’s hoping HP has ironed out some of the kinks which caused the slate to receive a less than impressive reception.

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HP TouchPad video

Video: T3 Tech Videos

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