HP Slate for business only

Windows 7 tablet will not be for regular users says HP

Move ends weeks of speculation and adds fuel to fire regarding webOS model.

HP has confirmed that it’s much-hyped Slate, first manhandled by Steve Ballmer at CES back in January, will not be landing as planned later this year, for regular gadget fans anyway. The Windows 7-packing tablet is being primed for ‘enterprise’ with business types only getting the device.

The announcement, made by HP’s Todd Bradley during a Fortune event across the pond, comes as no surprise. For months there’s been talk that this thing was doomed, with mixed messages about availability trickling out of Microsoft and HP.

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Of course, this only fuels talk about the so-called PalmPad, HP’s rumoured webOS tablet, which is said to be landing later this year, replete with stylus.

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Via Slashgear